New video out!

This is our collaboration with saxophonist Ivo Perelman, doing a whole album of free improvisation. Recorded and shot in November 21 at Park West Studio in Brooklyn.

Chern Hwei ran into Ivo in the subway one fine Summer day in 2011. The conversation led to Ron, our violist/co-founder, who worked with Ivo many years ago. After knowing that we were no strangers, a collaborative idea started to take shape, and this is part of the result. Hope you enjoy it.

Video and editing by Hsuan-Yu Pan (

We are very glad that Hsuan-Yu was the one who did this video, as her sensitive touch on the footage really gave this strange little piece even more beauty and soul. We would also like to ask you to check out her project-in-the-making, a feature length documentary titled “Tokyo Circus and Ringmaster Yoshi“, and if possible, please help funding the project (whatever amount you can) and see it turning into fruition.

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