Kicking off 2017: Our Club Bonafide debut!

As the curtain is soon closing for 2016, another is ready to draw open, and what would you see behind it? For us, the answer would be, “Four guys grinning at you with their string instruments in jazz club”.

Yes, dear friends, January 5, 2017 is our official New Year celebration — better late than never, as they say. Club Bonafide is one of the latest jazz clubs in town that houses incredible musicians and bands, and we are so incredibly honored to be on their stage to celebrate New Year. Door opens at 8:30pm, and we will be featuring our special guest, dear friend and electric violin hero, Mr Tracy Silverman to join us in some cool new music! Also worth mentioning is, Pablo Ziegler, the phenomenal Argentinian pianist (Astor Piazzolla veteran), will be playing the preceding set, definitely something not-to-be-missed.

Have a beautiful holiday season, and we’ll see you on January 5th!

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