Sirius Signs with Bernstein Artists, New York Times Review of Chelsea Music Festival Appearance

A lot has been happening behind the scenes in the Sirius camp as of late, so we thought the time for an update was long overdue…


First off, we are extremely excited to officially announce that Sirius Quartet has signed with Bernstein Artists!!  We are thrilled to be joining a roster that has included world-class musicians such as Cyro Baptista, David Krakauer, and Pablo Ziegler, among others, and hope that this partnership will enable us to start performing regularly throughout North America. We will keep you posted as things develop, but in the meantime, feel free to check out Bernstein Artists’ website at

IMG_0111Sirius Quartet with manager Sue Bernstein (front) and Bernstein Artists associate Roarke Menzies (back left). (Photo by JunYi Chow)

We had an awesome night performing this past Tuesday as part of the 5th annual Chelsea Music Fest, where we premiered a new piece of Gregor’s, written for string quartet and the Collegium Iuvenum boys choir from Stuttgart, in addition to performing Jeremy’s Paths Become Lines.  The next morning we awoke and were pleasantly surprised to find a really nice review of the show written by Vivien Schweitzer of the New York Times!!  You can read an excerpt from the review below.

“This year’s festival features a German-Brazilian theme inspired by the birth and death anniversaries of Richard Strauss, Heitor Villa-Lobos and C. P. E. Bach, with concerts intertwined with visual and culinary themes. Bach was represented on the first half of the “Voices, Winds and Paths” program, when Michael Culo conducted the Collegium Iuvenum Stuttgart Boys Choir in a lineup that traced the development of sacred German choral music from Bach and two other baroque composers, Heinrich Schütz and Andreas Hammerschmidt, through Beethoven and Mendelssohn. The choir (ranging in age from children to young men) sang with polish and expressive phrasing, although texts and translations would have been welcome.

The choir joined the Sirius Quartet for the premiere of the German composer and violinist Gregor Huebner’s “Six Songs of Innocence,” a lyrical setting of poems by William Blake. The most memorable moments were for string quartet, with the ensemble showing its versatility and flair with lively improvisations. During one section the Sirius violinists (Mr. Huebner and Fung Chern Hwei) engaged in a spirited duo, Mr. Fung beating time with his bow on his violin to accompany Mr. Huebner’s fiddling.

The Sirius’s performance of “Paths Become Lines,” a recent work by Jeremy Harman, the group’s cellist, proved another highlight. Driving rhythms and aggressive arpeggios were woven around an elusive cello melody in this engaging score, further enhanced by the improvisatory flair of the two violinists during their lively midpiece jam session.”

To read the full article published by New York Times, please click here.


We will be hitting the road in October with dates in Germany, Switzerland, and Taiwan…stay tuned for more details.

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Chelsea Music Festival, June 10th: World Premiere of Gregor Hübner’s Six Songs of Innocence

“… gem of a series” – The New York Times

“Music, art and good food are an integral part to this inventive new festival” – The New Yorker

“… impressive addition to New York’s cultural ecosystem” – Time Out New York

Hi All,

We are excited to be kicking off the summer with a performance at the 5th annual Chelsea Music Festival! The concert will feature the world premiere of a brand new piece of Gregor’s, written for Sirius Quartet and the Collegium Iuvenum boys choir, who will be coming over from Stuttgart (!!) to join us. The piece is entitled Six Songs of Innocence, inspired by and featuring the text of iconic British poet and artist William Blake.
One of his biographers wrote that Blake “neither wrote nor drew for the many, hardly for work’y-day men at all, rather for children and angels; himself ‘a divine child,’ whose playthings were sun, moon, and stars, the heavens and the earth.”

We will also be playing what has become sort of a Sirius Quartet standard, Jeremy’s Paths Become Lines, which we premiered back in 2012 at Merkin Hall as part of the the Tribeca New Music Fest (You can watch that performance here:

We hope to see you there!

7:30pm | Voices, Winds and Paths
St. Paul’s German Lutheran Church | 315 West 22nd St. | $35 | Reception by Murray’s Cheese to follow


Collegium Iuvenum Boys Choir

Collegium Iuvenum Boys Choir

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A nice tweet from an audience

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May/June: Linda Oh… Chelsea Music Festival…

We apologize for hiding behind curtains for so long! But good things take time to brew… and now, we’re on for some action!

On May 23rd and 24th, we are once again playing with bassist Linda Oh at the Jazz Gallery. Yes, Linda is back with some new materials and old ones which never sound old. We can’t be more excited about this! Violinist Sara Caswell is standing in for Gregor.

On June 10th, we will be playing in the Chelsea Music Festival for the very first time with the Iuvenum Collegium Stuttgart, a wonderful boys choir from Germany, world premiering Gregor’s new composition.

For more details, please check out our calendar!

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To kick off 2014… CMA, Uri Caine, The Stone…

Happy 2014, everyone!

We do not hesitate to make some music right off the bat. Pianist Uri Caine has invited us to play with him on January 24th, 8pm at John Zorn’s The Stone! Once again, we are performing his densely complex masterwork, “String Theories”, plus some unpredictable free improvisation. On top of that, we are also playing our own repertoire. For more info, please check out our calendar.

Also, if you’re a CMA Conference participant, please do not forget to come say hi to us at our table in the Conference! :) This year marks our very first participation in this yearly event, hope to see you there!

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Spectrum, Nov 7!

Folks, we are coming back to Spectrum on November 7th, 10pm, to play an entire improvised set! Also watch out for a surprise guest!

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China trip was a joy!

Greetings, y’all!

We’ve been back from the Beijing Music Festival for 2 weeks now and our minds are still filled with the wonderful memories we had in Beijing. To be able to be in this mega city and perform with Uri Caine, Theo Bleckmann and Will Holshouser is simply a great joy. We thank Uri for inviting us there, and we hope to do it again soon! (Photo courtesy of Hou Bin-Wei)


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“Best score” in the 46th Brasilia Film Festival and other news

While we were wondering about figuring out what to do after our tour was cancelled, we received great news from Ivo Perelman: The original score (completely freely improvised) to the Brazilian film “A Violent Dose of Anything”, directed by Gustavo Galvao, is awarded “Best score” in the 46th Brasilia Film Festival! This film music, performed by Ivo Perelman, Matthew Shipp, Mat Maneri and Sirius Quartet, is being released as two albums. The first album that has already been released, only features Perelman, Shipp and Maneri. The 2nd of the two, that will be released soon, will feature Sirius, Perelman, and Shipp. Now, how cool is that?



No, we’re not done yet, more news here:

Oct 1, 8:00pm, The Stone, NYC. We are getting together with composer/guitarist Elliott Sharp to premiere his new graphic score, Mare Undarum, at the Stone. (Adam Fisher standing in for Jeremy) Ticket: $20

Oct 13, 7:30pm, Beijing, China. Yes, you read it right. Beijing. China. We’re tagging along as part of the Uri Caine Ensemble to perform Mr Caine’s “Wagner Reimagined” in the 16th Beijing Music Festival. Click HERE for more info. If you prefer reading it in Chinese, click HERE.

Oct 19, 7:00pm, The Cell Theater. This is a Sirius Quartet concert, we are also specially presenting teen composer, Scott Etan Feiner’s excellent composition, “Ozark Dances”. You can’t miss this. Tickets: $20, $30

Oct 25, 8:00pm, The Roulette. We’re invited to celebrate famed drummer, Billy Martin’s (Medeski, Martin and Wood) 50th birthday with a stellar line-up of Downtown musicians. Things can’t be more exciting than this! (Esther Noh standing in for Gregor)
Ticket: $20, $15 for students/members/seniors

If you want more info, please visit our calendar!

Now, where’s our champagne?

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