Evelyn Huber & Sirius Quartet: "Para un Mejor Mundo" out NOW on GLM Music

Evelyn Huber & Sirius Quartet: Para un Mejor Mundo
out NOW on GLM Music


It all adds up to a magical, dazzling kaleidoscope of musical possibilities, just as the extraordinary, unconditional encounter of a string quartet with a harp provides. Sometimes delicately elaborate tone braids, sometimes spontaneous dialogues between the instruments, sometimes elegiac impressions, sometimes dynamic rhythm attacks. A sound universe that has not yet been heard like that. And the new, indeed, often has what it takes to make the world a little better – “para un mejor mundo”.

Last fall, we had the pleasure of starting a new project with the fantastic Munich-based harpist Evelyn Huber. After a really nice run of concerts in Germany, it became clear that the project needed to continue and so we immediately started making plans for an album together. In May, we spent a week together at one of our favorite spots, Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg, Germany and Para un Mejor Mundo is the result. The album is a mixture of music composed by Evelyn and members of the quartet, as well as some music composed specifically for the 5 of us by some very accomplished friends. The album has been released through the German label GLM Music, and can be ordered HERE. Evelyn plays, improvises, and writes beautifully, and we love the pairing of harp with string quartet. We will be supporting the album's release with a German tour in November, including concerts in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, and Bonn among others.